In the last five years a better way to market our companies has slowly but surely been gaining traction, right under our noses. Yes, like the title says, this post is about video marketing, and even though YouTube has been around since 2005, a lot of people still haven’t realised just how powerful of a tool online video marketing truly is.

For companies with websites creating Google ads using the pay per click model, or marketing their business through social media by making content, video has a huge advantage when it comes to boosting customer attention – because humans just can’t look away most of the time. We’re fascinated by moving pictures, and compared to static walls of text (like blog articles!) video offers much much more.


In order to demonstrate why video is on the rise, we need to look at some statistics – so where better to start than – where we’ve found a study which shows that in some parts of the world up to 95% of internet users watched video content in 2018. Obviously this statistic is huge and reflects just how unavoidable video marketing is becoming, or at the very least, how big online video for all purposes is.

The proliferation of video is undoubtedly mostly due to Facebook and YouTube, two of the biggest sites to watch video on in the world. Users typically log on and watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day, at least according to a press release from the site in 2017. Facebook meanwhile is scoring pretty much the same amount of time too, with the company reporting 140 million people per day watch their new video portal daily per day around the same time as YouTube.

As for dedicated videos for marketing, the numbers don’t lie – with Hubspot reporting that in 2019 87% of businesses had begun to use video as a marketing tool, as well as 74% of marketers who currently don’t use video, planning on beginning to do so in the next 12 months. According to a pie chart on the same page, 68% of audiences prefer a short video as a medium for learning about a new product.

But that’s not all – in another survey of 3000 people by the same site, an upward trend in video marketing and social media marketing, as well as a future decline in email marketing were reported. The most interesting thing about this graph however is that video is preferred consistently by people across every age range, meaning you don’t have to worry if you’re marketing products to older or younger people using video.

So the data on video doesn’t lie, we can easily predict 2019 is a huge year for the growth of video marketing, and 2020 will be an even bigger year. But what ways can you implement video, and how can you get started in your own company? Read on to find out more.

Social Media/YouTube/HTML5

If you’re making a video to market your company, the chances are you’ll either upload it to YouTube and/or Facebook. These two platforms are at the moment the preferential choice for a couple of reasons. YouTube for one is basically the main go-to place for uploading video content on planet earth as a whole. No other site commands such a huge market share when it comes to user generated content.

Meanwhile over at Facebook of course is the entire native page architecture which lets users create content, build an audience, advertise and promote their content, and even contact customers through the page to arrange sales or help with information. The advantages of using Facebook for businesses with regards to video typically outweigh YouTube for these reasons, but YouTube arguably makes it easier to embed existing content on your own website, so there’s pros and cons for each.

If you want to put videos on your site without using YouTube embedding, which some sites still choose to do, you’ll need to embed it into the site using HTML 5. Ever since Flash started phasing out in favor of this technology video marketing has been a lot easier, since you don’t necessarily need a dedicated player to include videos on your site. This Makes it even easier for your website designer or webmaster to include videos you’ve made yourself on the site. Speak to them if you’re interested in using this newer method, and make sure to upgrade from using Flash player soon because support for it is ending in 2020.

Making Your Videos

There are so many different ways to advertise with video, and ultimately the sky’s your limit as long as you have the creativity, and almost as important, the funds and equipment. Some companies go in for complicated filming setups and outsource to professional media companies to handle videos – but this isn’t always necessary. If you feel confident enough, and can design a small set with a white background you can film with a setup as simple as a high end mobile phone camera on a tripod, particularly if you are showing off small products or doing quick product tutorials.

Some people also choose to use graphics or CGI elements in videos, but it’s here things start to get more expensive. Making good videos is a careful balance of budget and technology and equipment, and sometimes you’ll find simpler stuff gets better results. Often you’ll be able to find editing tutorials online, or can just get someone in-house to sort out the more complicated things like adding text or other on screen elements. At any rate, the effort you put in will reflect your marketing results – but never forget that sometimes less is more.

How Will You Use Video?

If you’re thinking of getting into video marketing, we’ve got you covered with our last minute checklist of places to begin. Several great places to start are…

  • Budgeting and finding talent to produce videos
  • Looking up other videos in your field that have worked
  • Familiarising yourself with trends and staying up to the minute
  • Building a dedicated team in house for making videos
  • Getting hold of editing software, or contacting professionals to edit for you
  • Talking to your website team about how to implement video in the easiest way

In our ongoing efforts to cover marketing trends we’re going to stay on the pulse of video marketing – all the stats point to it being 2019 and 2020’s ‘Next Big Thing’ in virtually every industry which uses websites or has an online presence. We’ve already created videos for many types of businesses, which is just one of the services we provide. If you’d like to know more about the types of videos we’ve made check out our video marketing page and get in touch. We’d love to help you create some awesome videos too!