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Why your business needs a website


Having a business website that works and looks good is essential to attract customers. If your website doesn’t work or looks cluttered, customers will quickly move on to browse elsewhere. Just like you wouldn’t walk inside a store that looks like it’s about to collapse, you wouldn’t continue browsing a site that doesn’t provide a good user experience!

On the other hand, when a visitor comes across a well-designed website with up-to-date functionality, they are much more likely to appreciate and engage with the content. They spend more time on the site, return and recommend it to friends, and act on the site’s Call-to-Actions. They view the business behind the site with trust and respect.

We believe a business website is a great branding tool. As part of our web design & development package, we take the time to understand your brand image and reflect it on your site while keeping in mind clever marketing tactics. This allows us to make your website work for you in the best possible way.

Our goal here at MFP is to help your website reach new and existing customers and convert new prospects into paying customers! It’s that simple!

What is the Purpose of a Good Website?

A quality website should achieve three major tasks:

1 Tell Your Story

Your business has a story to tell and a good website will present it in two ways. First, you want to show what you’re about. A quality web design uses visual cues to immediately capture attention and communicate your business story and purpose. A good web design must also be balanced with the correct technical tricks to ensure the stories work. We’ll balance your website with research and analytical information to gain authority.

2 Convert Visitors to Customers

It’s one thing to drive visitors to your site but another to convert them into paying customers. We can help you optimise your website with this conversion in mind, ensuring visitors move on the website in a way that leads to a purchasing decision. Engagement and contact with your business should be seamless.

3 Showcase Your Brand

Your business needs a unified look and story across platforms, offline and online. Establishing a brand can build trust and visibility among customers. Your website is at the heart of brand building, with the site giving your business an ‘online face’. We can guarantee your brand building works by focusing on design, content and technical results.

We Can Help You Create a Quality Website:


At MFP, we’re passionate about ensuring your business has a high-quality website that caters to your business goals. We believe in web design that aligns the visual with the technical.

That’s why we don’t just create visually stunning designs, but also websites that work effectively. Our goal is to guarantee your website attracts visitors and turn them into customers.

If you already have a website, we’ll analyse it to discover the strengths we can build upon and the weaknesses we can tweak. By reviewing your website conversions and engagement, we can enhance user experience and optimise your page to drive traffic to the correct sites.

We can also help you start from scratch. The key is to identify the needs you have, the goals you want to achieve, and create a strategy to boost your online visibility with a high-quality website.


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