Marketing your business on Facebook can be a really lucrative and interesting activity, especially since it’ll help you learn about digital marketing in other places as well. But if you’ve already had a lot of success with Facebook, and have reached 10000 likes, you might have noticed your reach has taken a massive nosedive, and your posts aren’t being seen by as many people any more. But don’t worry, this is normal, and happens to every page after they reach that milestone.

It’s not known exactly why Facebook does this, presumably to make people run ads or to reduce news feed clutter, but after 10000 likes your page won’t appear on as many people’s timelines as before. Your ‘organic reach’ gets slashed to well below what it was before, with posts that would normally reach thousands of followers only reaching hundreds. This means your strategy must change in order to keep growing your page, and it becomes much more difficult to do so.

Viral Posts

The first and foremost way to continue page growth after 10000 likes, without paying any money, is to create posts which go viral. This is extremely tricky and the likelihood of it happening is rare, but if a post of yours gets a lot of traction, a lot of shares, and somehow snowballs into being shared thousands of times per hour, you’ve got yourself a viral post. It’s never going to be a sure thing, but if you manage to make a piece of photo or video content which attracts a lot of interest, you’re well on the way to it going viral. In terms of likelihood of going viral, video posts usually gain more traction.

The trouble is though, since your organic reach is cut after 10000 likes, a good post may never go viral, even though it has the potential to. You could even repost it at a later date and it won’t attract the same attention as before. This can even be affected by the time of day you post it, or the day of the week. With some viral posts it’s simply a matter of luck. One moment your image is on 50 or so shares, then two days later it’s on 75000.

For viral images and videos, the best possible thing you can do is be trendy. Look up what is trending on other parts of the internet, capture the mood of what people are blogging or making memes about, and see if you are able to cash in on the most up to the minute stuff. Otherwise, you may need to rely on different methods of increasing your page’s likes. It’s also important to note that less is more, to paraphrase Tomas Banišauskas, the founder of viral content site BoredPanda. The focus should always be on slowly but surely making high quality, well designed posts, which will get more reach than making a lot of posts.

Post Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is also another way to get that reach back up, and it’s here it starts to cost money, obviously. With Facebook ads there are two kinds – post ads and pay per click ads, which we’ll come to in a moment. Facebook post ads meanwhile are a little bit tricky to get right, and the website often doesn’t really give you the best tutorials on how to be successful. The key to getting it right is all in the bit where you create the ad, and target it to certain demographics.

When you’re boosting your post into an advert, you are given the option to target people by several very important factors – the country of who is being targeted, the age range of people being targeted,  whether they are male or female, and also which interests they have been flagged as being interested in by Facebook.

For example – I own a sports car dealership or company with over 10000 likes. I have made a post on a new sports car which I have decided to sell. My location is in England, and my main demographic of sales are men. I choose to boost my post for 12 days, paying £8 per day. I will choose to target men between the ages of 25-65, my main demographic of sales. I choose to run the ad in the United Kingdom, and choose to target people whose interests include motorsports, sports cars and driving.

Facebook ads manager helps out during the ad creation process by showing the amount of people the ad will reach through targeting – and it’s a good idea to try and get this to go as low, and as specific as possible, in order to try and market towards people most likely to be interested in your content. A lot of the time people will just scroll past your ad, or even hide it if it’s not relevant to them.

Off-Page Promotion

Of course, there’s also a lot to be said about promoting your Facebook page in other ways, such as by word of mouth or promotion through your website or other websites. It really depends on the type of content you’ve created, or the product you are selling, but if you make an interesting page with plenty of viral posts which attracts attention for the quality of the content, you can get shares outside of Facebook too.

Your page’s ‘brand awareness’ in the wider internet is absolutely going to be because of the way you run it. Serious, boring pages might get overlooked, but if you manage to find that sweet spot between advertising your products and services, as well as making funny, interesting or high-quality viral posts, it can attract a lot of interest on top of the support you receive on the site.

Going back to the example of the car dealership, a good strategy might be to record some funny videos or make interesting factual posts on one of the cars being sold – or even make some test drive videos using a GoPro camera. After a while, and if your public relations are top level, a motoring website might write an article about your videos, or share one of them, and help you get a lot more traffic because of this.

Even posting or commenting as your page on other pages can help towards bringing your page’s visibility and organic reach up. Smaller pages may be inclined to share your posts, if they’re good and in line with what the community behind your products want. An advantage of being shared by pages with less than 10000 likes is their reach is still very good, as it hasn’t yet been lowered by Facebook.

Again, off page promotion isn’t an exact science, but your PR and relationships with other sites and content creators can go a long way when it comes to making your page more popular past that 10000 like threshold.

What Can I Do Next?

So after reading this article we’re going to break down the key concepts into bullet points and then you can take action on some of these ideas on your page. So, to review.

  • Make your page more content-oriented – add photos or videos which are interesting, humorous, or informative in some way, which represent your brand very well.
  • Use advertising to boost posts, experiment with the ad platform and see if you can find out what your very best audience is. Aim ads at that audience accordingly.
  • Update your page info and make sure all the fields and contact boxes are complete. Make sure there are as many links to your website and contact information as possible.
  • Establish connections with other pages, and get involved with the community of similar pages, all who might give you a crucial share when you need it.