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Digital Marketing for Lawyers in 2018

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers in 2018

As a lawyer, you’ll no doubt have noticed the rapid growth of the digital marketing industry. Not only is it one of the most lucrative ways to manage your business’ branding and image, it’s also among the most litigious!

With that in mind, then, it’s important that you use your expertise on legal matters to build a long-term digital marketing plan. Digital marketing for a lawyer in 2018 might sound complex, but a bit of planning can go a long way to really help you maximize your potential online as a professional.

What, then, should be your main plans for the year to come? What kind of marketing is likely to yield the best results for a lawyer in 2018?

Use your website to sell

Many lawyers simply use their website to offer their phone number out and make a brief discussion of what they actually do. A website for a lawyer should have various features on it, including:

  • High quality content that really tells the client about the kind of problems you can solve.
  • Case studies of previous cases to help show your knowledge of the wider profession.
  • Impressive information that can break down key legislation issues in your field quickly.
  • Bite-sized videos which can easily help people to understand vital legal concepts.
  • High quality content that helps to also inspire other lawyers to wish to join your firm.

This is hard to do, of course, and needs a professional hand on deck. So long as you are able to help direct content writers and web developers to the pertinent issue that your firm deals with, then you can quickly turn your website into a high-return investment that yields many positives.

Learn from tracking

Many legal firms tend to be quite minimal when it comes to using analysis to find new clients. People who are in trouble is not quite the marketing angle that you need. Instead, it pays to invest in learning to track and analyse every visit. Where did they come from? What did they look at? When did they leave? What forced them to leave? Did they make contact with you?

These questions can also help you to find out what kind of people are looking for the legal expertise that you provide. This help you to better analyse the marketing angles you take at the moment, so that you can quickly learn from them and head in that direction later.

Expand beyond your website

Due to major incidents going on in the political and legal landscape, many lawyers have used the world of social media to enhance their public and professional profile. With the help of PPC, video marketing, social media and localised, case-specific SEO, you can very easily do the same.

With all of this in mind, you should really look to move beyond your own present limitations and barriers. Legal expertise is always required, and you can see a mix of the marketing ideas above to make 2018 a continual success. With the correct ideas you can really boost your profile online.

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