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Digital Marketing for Accountants today in 2018

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Digital Marketing for Accountants today in 2018

For any accountancy firm in 2018, you’ll no doubt be aware of the challenge you face. The sheer scale of competition out there, as well as the litany of ‘easy to use’ online software packages, makes standing out tough. However, the right kind of digital marketing strategy can make a pretty telling difference – and it does not always come down to a budget war.

You know yourself, being an accountant, the value of money: it’s about the right use, not volume alone. We see it in all walks of professional life, and marketing for accountants is no different. With the right concentration and the correct analysis, you can make a significant contribution to your marketing needs in a short space of time.

What, though, ranks as the most important marketing for accountants in 2018?

Reform your website

One of the first things any accountant should look to do is make their website front and centre of all of your marketing. It should not only look appealing, but it should be value-driven. For example, look at what your website says to the customer. Instead of just listing what you offer, really play on the benefits of what your business can do for the customer.

A good, fast-loading website is not enough in 2018. You must tell the customer more about what you can do for them, and provide a clear example as to why, out of all the accountants, you are the ideal choice.

Form Cornerstone Content

Let them see that you have expertise and authority, too. Invest in some high quality blog content, for starters; build a new media page where you can offer quick videos on common terms and questions that come up; look to improve the way your website uses terminology, making it easier to understand for the layman.

What are your three or four main topics with your general customers? Have extensive, well-researched and informative posts written about each. Now, when people come looking for answers from your website, they already can see that you care for their concerns and solved the issue at the same time.

Don’t Discount E-mail Marketing

Another key form of marketing that you can use is that of e-mail marketing. If you are an accountant, you may not see it as effective. However, it can help you to easily gather information, send out links to your latest content and offer feedback on industry news and major developments in the industry.

Remind people of what you can do for them outside of just their accounts for the tax year!

Push the reference initiative

Through all of your marketing campaigns, whether that’s social media, e-mail marketing or even just when talking to clients, really push home the incentive of a referral. Offer some form of referrals program, if you don’t already. Advertise that program.

Most people, especially for an accountant, will come to you on recommendation. Whilst most fellow professionals will pass on their accountant’ name in conversation anyway, a little nudge in the right direction will do your business no harm!

Working with the above platform, you should be much more likely to be able to start making a genuine go of digital marketing for accountants in 2018. It’s a tough journey, but with a strong plan and a team helping to fill in where you cannot, you can really make your professional business stand out amongst the competition.

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