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why are blogs important for marketing

Why Are Blogs Important For Marketing?

The world of marketing is driven by content. It’s a simple rule based around the principle that to advertise a service you must have some way of presenting it to people, or in the case of digital marketing, pages to …
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How To Market Your Facebook Page After 10,000 Likes

How To Market Your Facebook Page After 10,000 Likes

Marketing your business on Facebook can be a really lucrative and interesting activity, especially since it’ll help you learn about digital marketing in other places as well. But if you’ve already had a lot of success with Facebook, and have …
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What Is SEO_ A Guide For Beginners

What Is SEO? A Guide For Beginners

If you’re a business with a web presence you may have already heard of search engine optimisation (SEO) and other related topics such as getting links as well as getting higher up on Google. It’s especially important to consider the …
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digital marketing for lawyers 2019

Digital Marketing For Lawyers In 2019

People spend their lives not really being prepared for the possibility of having to hire a lawyer. Despite this there are a whole range of techniques lawyers can employ to get their services out there and market themselves as being …
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video marketing-why you need to use video in 2019

Video Marketing: Why You Need To Use Video In 2019

In the last five years a better way to market our companies has slowly but surely been gaining traction, right under our noses. Yes, like the title says, this post is about video marketing, and even though YouTube has been …
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digital marketing for accountants 2019

Digital Marketing For Accountants In 2019

Like most things in the tech world, digital marketing is in a state of rapid expansion. We are seeing more and more of it today, both in the workplace and in our own spare time at home. Long gone are …
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technology trends for accountants 2019

Technology Trends For Accountants In 2019

Accountancy is a business which really benefits from staying ahead of the curve with regards to technology. Business software is extremely common and most, if not all firms use some form of digital application to handle bookkeeping and other numbers …
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